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Award-Winning & AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER

Discover Easy Ways To Communicate With Your Dog

Dianna Young shares her top secrets on how to handle common problems in her book Think Like Your Dog. Get your free copy of this bestselling book now!

This book reveals the real secret behind "Man's Best Friend"

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to get the appropriate behavior from your dog in any situation.

You'll discover..
  • The single most-important thing to know about human-canine dynamics
  • The best way to communicate with your dog (and it's not what you've been told)
  • New skills to help you nurture a richer relationship with your dog
  • How to accurately reads your dog's intentions and how he reads yours
  • How to read your dog's mood

Excerpts from Think Like Your Dog

"The fact is dogs, by their nature, are rather uncomfortable until they have sorted out where they stand in a social hierarchy, whether it is a society of canines or of canines and people.... if you wish to assume the leader’s role in your home, I’ll show you how. My job is to put you on the leadership end of the leash, and to keep you there."

"The dog in such a scenario sees the other entities in its household as weak. If there aren’t strong entities in the house, the dog believes it has no choice but to take that responsibility for itself. Even though it may be only a four-pounder, it becomes — in its own mind — the leader of the pack."

"Training in rules and boundaries can come later, the owner believes. Unfortunately, what such an owner doesn’t realize is that training has begun immediately, even if . . . it isn’t the training that was intended. What such training often teaches the dog is that few if any rules exist in this house. This has two effects on the dog, and both are negative."

Get This Award Winning Bestseller... and Gain A Better Relationship With Your Dog

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